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Why It Pays to Invest in the Conference Room

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Everyone knows that putting money into the front end of your operation will pay off. After all, a customer’s first impression of your business when they walk into the waiting room or lobby can make the difference in their overall experience.

What people don’t often realize is how much it will pay off to invest in the look and feel of the back end of your business. The conference room is one of the most neglected spaces in the building, simply thought of as a place to have the Monday meeting before breaking off into separate cubicles the rest of the week.

However, there are good reasons to invest in your company’s conference room that may have you rethinking your current strategy.


A comfortable conference room increases employee productivity during meetings. If you supply comfortable furniture and invest in the surroundings of the conference room, your team members are less likely to be distracted. A focused employee is a productive employee.

Remember, office furniture doesn’t have to be the furniture of fifty years ago. Consider what type of work your team members are doing, and what would suit their purposes best. If you don’t know, ask! Team members love to be sought out for their input.


A well-situated conference room increases collaboration. If you set up your conference room in an open format, team members are encouraged to work together. When people work together, they are more likely to generate bold ideas, and eliminate ideas that simply aren’t going to work. Also, having a space for collaboration eliminates redundancy that can happen when people work in isolation.

When people collaborate, they are more likely to feel like a necessary part of the team. Teamwork and collaboration both contribute to employee satisfaction, which in turn translates into productivity.

Maximized Use of Space

A conference room can be transformed into a multi-use space, especially in places where square footage comes at a premium. Rather than the conference room being reserved for one meeting per week and staying empty the rest of the time, it can be turned into a comfortable space where team members gather to work out ideas and finish projects.

Not only that, but a conference room can be used for other informal gatherings where team members can get to know one another, which fosters communication and friendliness—both are good for the bottom line.

There are many options that add value to a conference room:

  • Dry erase paint for walls
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Subtle décor and lighting
  • Easy accessibility to water and light snacks
  • Background music
  • Computer access

Though it may seem like an unnecessary expense up front, investing in your conference room is really an investment in your employees. When you invest in your people, you will get your money back in the form of increased productivity, and ultimately employee loyalty.

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