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Why Facilities Managers Want a Dry Erase Paint That Does What It Says It Will Do

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There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a product that doesn’t deliver. Whether you’ve made a small investment in tools that streamline your productivity, or a larger investment in a product like dry erase paint, you want to get what you paid for.

Before we talk about why facilities managers want dry erase paint to do what it says it will do, we have to know how a quality dry erase paint is supposed to perform.

Quality Dry Erase Paint Is:

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to care for
  • Long lasting with little to no discoloration

Reasons Facilities Managers Require Quality Dry Erase Paint

There are a few reasons why purchasing and utilizing a quality dry erase paint would matter to a facilities manager. Purchasing the correct dry erase paint has a direct impact on the duties facilities managers perform, such as building care and operations budgets.


Because a facilities manager is in charge of the building, they are likely the ones responsible for applying the dry erase paint. If not the manager themselves, a staff member will be the one to read and follow the instructions for turning a wall into a whiteboard.

If the application process is harder than advertised or there are issues, the facilities manager is the one who will have to troubleshoot. Any time spent troubleshooting the application of dry erase paint is time taken away from other projects.

Budget Restrictions

Any improvements to the building will likely come out of the operations budget—the same funds allocated to the facilities manager. If a dry erase paint takes longer to apply than advertised, then it takes more money in salary cost. Also, if the dry erase paint doesn’t perform as advertised and needs to be replaced, that requires the use of additional funds that are already likely stretched too thin.


Quality dry erase paint should be easy to care for. Walls covered in dry erase paint are part of the overall aesthetic and look of a building, which falls under the responsibilities of the facilities manager. A dry erase wall that is grungy because it doesn’t clean easily—as quality dry erase paint is supposed to—will reflect poorly on the facilities manager. Not only that, but it will eventually need to be replaced, costing the company additional money.

The best thing to do when considering converting walls with dry erase paint, is to purchase the highest quality product you can from the start. Lighten the load of your hard-working facilities manager by installing a product that will not only last a long time, but be easy to care for in the interim.

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Learn the 5 Ways to Test for   Quality in Dry Erase Paint