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What Facilities Managers Care Most About

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Whether your workplace is large or small, chances are the person in charge of the facility is one of the hardest working, often overlooked, members of your team. In addition to overseeing daily maintenance and cleanliness, the facilities manager is responsible for operational costs and the safety of all employees and customers while on the premises.

There’s no doubt that facilities managers have their hands full and need a little extra appreciation from management and other staff. The question is, what do facilities managers care about most? In order to fully understand what matters to facilities managers, we need an overview of their responsibilities.

Facilities Managers:

  • Oversee daily maintenance, including cleanliness, of the premises
  • Work with any outside vendors needed for lawn care, landscaping, and building upkeep
  • Manage maintenance employees, including scheduling and training
  • Oversee operational costs for heating, cooling, rental contracts, and overall expenditures
  • Maintain safety standards in accordance with state and local laws
  • Keep the facility prepared for inspections
  • Secure the premises via security companies or hired staff

This is a small sampling of what facilities managers face each day. The smaller the facility, the more the manager has to take on by themselves.

A facilities manager must be able to multitask and work with people to maintain optimum standards for the building. They must be able to understand and implement OSHA regulations as well as operate within a budget. A facilities manager must be able to handle emergency situations such as fires and security breaches.

With such large responsibilities, facilities managers have concerns that are unique to them, and those concerns need to be addressed by upper management. 

What Facilities Managers Care About

There are a few key items that help facilities managers run a smooth operation, keeping their job in the background and enabling the front-end people to more effectively do theirs.


Because of the variety and scope of tasks assigned to facilities managers, they need proper staffing to accomplish the smaller but equally necessary tasks. While it’s tempting to skimp on the back-end when it comes to staffing, the effects will eventually show up on the front-end when a facilities manager is spread too thin.


Like staffing, resources allocated to facilities and operations tend to be invisible, until a problem arises. By allowing the facilities manager to work with a reasonable budget, you’re investing in the overall health of the company.

Management Support

Few people know the full scale of what a facilities manager faces on the job each day. Management has the ability to support the behind-the-scenes employees who make the smooth operation of the facility possible. Creating awareness among all staff of the big job the facilities manager and their crew perform each day is up to you.

Facilities managers often work in obscurity, never receiving recognition or attention until a crisis arises. By taking care of behind-the-scenes workers, you’re creating an environment where all employees feel respect and appreciation.

Remember, a happy facilities manager makes for a happier facility overall.

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