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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Installing Dry Erase Paint

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Top_5_Mistakes_Made_When_Choosing_Dry_Erase_Paint.pngDry erase paint offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the office – a completely blank slate that can be used for creative brainstorm, stream of conscious doodling, or a bit of downtime fun. It's good for morale, increases interactivity during meetings, and makes a big impact not only on visitors, but potential recruits.

But it's also a relatively new development and the science behind dry erase paint means that installation needs to be done carefully. Poor installation can result in uneven surfaces, trapped ink, quick erosion, or worse. While a whiteboard wall can be a fantastic addition to your office, mistakes when installing dry erase paint can render it all but useless.


Five Mistakes to Avoid During Installation of Dry Erase Paint

These five mistakes should be avoided when the time comes to install whiteboard paint in your office:

  1. Instructions - Always follow the dry erase paint manufacturer's installation instructions. Some brands have very little wiggle room for error and cannot be touched up. Therefore, it is best to follow your specific dry erase paint brand's advice as carefully as possible. 
  1. Preparation - Properly prepare your wall’s surface before mixing your dry erase paint and have all tools needed handy. There is a finite amount of time available for application of the paint once you've started, and time spent looking for rollers or other tools will make application more difficult as the paint dries quickly.
  1. Rollers - Always de-lint your roller before application. Some dry erase paints will transfer lint from the roller onto the wall and leave bumps that diminish its erase-ability. If using the best dry erase paint available, you will be able to remove lint and other debris with the tip of a box cutter with no problems, however some brands cannot be tampered with once applied to the wall.  
  1. Colors - Most dry erase paint brands only offer white and clear options. Do not add any colors to tint your paint as this will have negatively impact its erase-ability. The best dry erase paint companies offer custom color mapping for large projects if this is something your company is looking for. 
  1. Dry-Time - Every dry erase paint has a different required drying time before use. Some brands take only a couple of days to dry, so you can paint on Friday and write on your walls by Monday. Others take a full seven days to cure. Do not write on the wall before it has fully cured.

If you follow the above instructions carefully, you can be sure your dry erase paint is properly installed and doesn’t have any issues after it goes up

To learn more about what makes one dry erase paint better than another and which tests are used to evaluate these criteria, download our free eBook on testing procedures used to evaluate dry erase paint:

Learn the 5 Ways to Test for   Quality in Dry Erase Paint


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Learn the 5 Ways to Test for   Quality in Dry Erase Paint