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Quick Tips for Generating New Ideas in the Workplace

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Every company will face the day when ideas dry up and innovation stalls out. If you’ve found your business in this predicament, you can either wait for the situation to turn itself around or you can take action by implementing a few simple changes. 

  • Research

Team members need to be experts. Give them time to round out their knowledge and steep themselves in their subject matter, even if it doesn’t look like they’re producing.

  • Switch-Up Routines

While good habits are highly valued in team members, strict schedules can produce a rut. Encourage team members to change their daily routines, even if that means working outside normal business hours. 


  • Rest

The brain needs down-time too. Taking time to play and focus on other tasks gives the subconscious a chance to work. Creativity doesn’t punch a time clock, and some of the best ideas are generated when a person isn’t focused on the task at hand.


  • Exercise

Nothing kills the creative process faster than sitting at a desk. Encourage employees to take walking breaks. The endorphins produced by exercise, along with a little more blood to the brain, will stimulate thoughts and ideas.


  • Switch Projects

When someone is in a rut, it’s a good time to switch projects. Having multiple projects gives the brain a rest in one area while still staying engaged. Also, allowing team members to have input on other projects besides their own gives everyone a chance to hear a fresh perspective.


  • Change the Environment

Fresh ideas can happen anywhere. Encourage employees to work where they feel comfortable—coffee shops, parks, home. If the work must be done in the office, try switching up the background music and work area, furniture and offices. Even a small change can help people shift mental gears.


  • Engage with Different People

Change partnerships and teams, or better yet, engage with people outside the office. Encourage team members to talk to outside experts, as well as people who know nothing about the subject matter. People who know nothing can often help the experts see situations from a completely different point of view. 

There’s no need to stay in a rut! Generating new ideas in the workplace can happen with a few simple adjustments, and propel your business to the next level.

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