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How to Motivate Your Team to Do More for Free

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Securing maximum output from the staff and team is on the top of every manager’s list. It’s easy to encourage your team to do more when you offer more money, but what happens when your budget is already stretched to the limit? If you’re a startup, the problem is possibly compounded by not having any additional budget at all.

Fortunately, there are ways to motivate your team to do more, without having to cough up money that’s not yet there.

Non-Monetary Rewards

There are other incentives besides money that employees will find attractive. Consider allowing them to set their own work hours, or offer additional time off for a job well done. You can also give team members big perks such as the prized corner office or smaller perks like bringing them coffee on Fridays.


Nothing fires up team members like a little friendly competition. When associates are competing against one another for the best ideas or results, especially if grouped in teams, they will strive to accomplish more. Sometimes winning really is the best reward.


When a team member does a stellar job, it’s important to focus the attention on them. By mentioning their role in the success of the company in the monthly newsletter or during the weekly meeting can go a long way in fueling their desire to do more. Also, by seeing a fellow employee gaining the attention of management, others will be motivated to achieve.

Set the Example

A good example starts with the upper ranks of the team. If you create a culture of hard work and high achievement from the start, everyone knows the standard and will adhere to it. When everyone in position is working to their maximum output, it will be obvious which employees aren’t on board, and few people want to be that person.

Discuss Future Career Goals

Even if there’s no money in the budget to reward a high-performing team member now, talking about their future with the company will provide an incentive to work harder going forward. People will naturally work harder when they see a future with an organization and know that their efforts will pay off eventually.

Hire the Right People

While the above suggestions all take place once you have a team member on board, the single-most important thing you can do to have workers who do more without monetary incentives is to hire the right people. Most highly motivated people work hard and compete against themselves, always seeking to achieve for the sake of excellence.

By recruiting from the right places and asking the right questions during the interview process, you’ll have team members in position who want to do an excellent job because that’s who they are.

Motivating your team to do more for free is possible with some creativity on your end. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to offer monetary incentives, but until then you can find ways to make the most of the resources you have. Your hard work in motivating your team now will pay off in the future.

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