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Completely Change Inefficient Work Environment with a Whiteboard Wall

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 8, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Think Paint

Whiteboard WallThe signs begin to creep up on you: productivity is sluggish, enthusiasm is down, and new ideas just aren’t happening. You sense there’s a problem but you can’t quite put your finger on what happened to change your work environment from one with high output to one that is crashing under its own dead weight.

There are a few key reasons why a work environment is inefficient. But first let’s talk about what, exactly, an inefficient work environment is.

An inefficient work environment is one where:

  • People lack motivation
  • Team members feel like they are spinning their wheels and accomplishing little
  • Communication is deficient, which in turn affects productivity
  • Teamwork is lacking
  • Training and development is not a priority, affecting overall productivity
  • Tools and resources for accomplishing the job are not readily available

It will take a conscientious effort on the part of management to combat an inefficient work environment and turn the situation around before it’s too late.

First, you have to ask what happened to cause the work environment to devolve to the point of being inefficient. Was there a change in leadership? Was there a change in the company’s financial situation? Is there a lack of experience and training?

Only when the root cause is sorted out can change be initiated. Even though every situation is different, there is one positive change that can help almost every company: a dry erase paint wall.

How can one tool help change the work environment from inefficient to productive? The answer is rooted in the fact that a whiteboard wall doesn’t just change the physical workspace, but actually helps change the way people work and interact.

A whiteboard paint wall can serve several purposes, many of which address some of the issues that crop up in an inefficient environment. Let’s take a look at how a whiteboard wall can bring change in the examples above.

  • When people lack motivation, installing a whiteboard wall can draw team members into a space where they can present their ideas in a fun new way.
  • Instead of spinning their wheels, workers can use the whiteboard wall to keep a running task log where each person is accountable and jobs aren’t being either neglected or double staffed.
  • If there are communication issues, a whiteboard wall is a great place to leave memos and notes for everyone to see and respond to.
  • Teamwork becomes easier with a central place to collaborate and generate ideas.
  • Training and development can be enhanced by utilizing the whiteboard wall as a place to instruct and inform.

A whiteboard wall is a key tool that will show your team that you are willing to invest in their success. When you invest in the success of each person on your staff, you are ultimately investing in the future of your company.

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