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7 Ways to Stay Inspired During the Work Day

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The workday can feel longer and overwhelming if you don’t have the right mindset. As a result, you won’t be productive or motivated to perform well and stand out.

But that can be easily fixed and you can get back your positive attitude and start getting things done, while enjoying what you do at the same time.

Here are some practical ways to find meaning, joy and inspiration in your work:

1. Always Keep Your Why in Mind

There’s a reason why you do what you do. Define it and remind yourself of it daily.

Maybe you want to provide for your family, get promoted, be financially independent, build skills, form relationships and look out for opportunities, gain knowledge and experience in this particular field, or else.

Whatever it is, it’s what gives you meaning so make sure you constantly have that why in mind. This way the work will never make you tired or bored.

2. Keep Your Creativity Up

Don’t stop learning new things, but also do what you’re already doing in different ways. This way you’ll challenge yourself and move your brain a little every time you do something new or which feels uncomfortable.

Talk to new people all the time, let the first thing you do at work for the day be something that gives you an inspiration boost (like reading your favorite blog, listening to some music to get pumped up, or else), journal your thoughts inbetween tasks, turn the walls in your office into a whiteboard with dry erase paint and jot down anything that comes to mind, then come back to it later and see how you can apply it to the projects you’re working on.

3. Stay Active

Get up every now and then, stretch and do a few squats and pushups or just walk around. Use a standing desk for a few hours during the workday. Use the stairs. Walk to the office.

Just find ways to be active. That will keep you energetic in the most natural way, plus it boosts productivity.

4. Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Why not use that time for yourself and work on a side project? There must be something you’re passionate about which inspires you even when only thinking about it.

Well, now’s the time to invest some energy and focus in it.

Don’t forget that big things start small. Some people have worked on a passion project every weekend, but also after work and during their lunch break, and eventually it turned into something profitable that let them quit their job and become self-employed.

You can also use this break to be by yourself and recharge. Why not drink your coffee in peace and read something inspirational? You can also meditate to empty your mind and be calm.

5. Go Outside

Use the lunch break to go to another place, be it to eat or just for a walk. A change in scenery has a positive effect on inspiration and creativity.

6. Have a Powerful Morning Routine

How your start your day is pretty important. So why not wake up a little earlier and dedicate that time to some positive, productive and peaceful activities?

You can have a quick workout, drink a glass of water and eat a healthy breakfast, keep morning pages, create your to-do list and thus organize your day, empty your inbox, review your life goals and decide what you can do today to get closer to them, etc.

This will help you kickstart the day and be full of energy and enthusiasm till the end of it.

7. Improve Your Environment

Make some small but important changes in your workplace, at least to what you have control over.

Get a more comfortable chair. Organize your desk. Put some photos on it, or some inspirational quotes and images. Buy a plant that’s nice to look at. Keep everything clean.

You’ll feel much better when working this way.

It’s your turn now! How will you find inspiration during the workday today?

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