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7 Ways to Maximize the Performance and Longevity of Your Dry Erase Paint Wall

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A common question about dry erase paint is about its longevity. How long, exactly, does dry erase paint last? The answer depends on a number of factors. Not only does proper installation have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your dry erase paint over time, but the brand you choose and the way it is treated after installation will impact longevity.

If you have recently installed dry erase paint or are considering it, we've collected seven tips that will help you ensure maximum performance and longevity from your paint.

  1. Marker Choice - Always use Expo Bold (not Expo Low Odor) dry erase markers. Other brands can cause staining and ghosting and be difficult to erase. Also, when possible avoid using the color red as it will stain and ghost more often than others. Off-brand markers will stain more readily.
  2. Erasing - Always use a microfiber cloth instead of traditional whiteboard eraser. Traditional erasers will smudge ink rather than lift it away.
  3. Cleaning - Always use warm soap and water with a micro fiber cloth to clean the wall completely at the end of every week for heavy use and at least once a month otherwise. For daily cleaning, regular Expo Cleaning spray works well. If there are other stains such as coffee or drinks, use warm water and soap as soon as possible.
  4. Accidental Permanent Marker Use - If permanent marker is used by accident, cover the stain with black dry erase marker, then use warm water and micro fiber cloth. Scrub until the stain is removed. If it is a stubborn stain, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol for more thorough cleaning.
  5. Tape - Do not use tape or any other adhesives on your dry erase walls as this will diminish its erase-ability.
  6. Conditioners - Some off market dry erase paints require frequent application of their own wall conditioning pastes. If you are using one of these brands or will be in the future, condition often to ensure maximum performance.

Whatever type of dry erase wall paint you are using, it's important that you take good care of it with regular cleaning, use of the right products, and careful attention when a stain occurs. All of these issues can be addressed immediately if regular maintenance and cleaning is performed properly.

To learn more about the differences between high quality and off-brand whiteboard paint, download our free eBook discussing the 5 tests used to measure quality in this type of product. You'll learn not only how dry erase paints are measured, but why Think Paint ranks among the best on the market today.

Learn the 5 Ways to Test for   Quality in Dry Erase Paint

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Learn the 5 Ways to Test for   Quality in Dry Erase Paint